Nerves Not Jumping But Thoughts Are
2004-09-25, 11:06 a.m.

Today is so much better than what yesterday was. My nerves are so much calmer.
Thank you Dear Good Samaritan.

Yesterday I called my stepFather at 6:45am to make sure all was well with was, I then took the computer over to have extra ram put in....thinking thats what was up with my Sims2 game. It was a little, but I'm just going to have to get use to navigating them from here to there.
While I was in having that done, the guy found over 700 viruses! 500 of which were critical. He said that my computer had been hijacked...should I be concerned? I've not noticed anything out of the ordinary happening with my accounts. He added Ad ware, I had spybot on prior but it didn't notice any of the viruses nor did Norton...geez why pay for Norton if I'm still getting all these problems.
Anyhow, after running and doing other tasks that needed completed, I hurried home and connected everything back up...only to drop the damn mouse and break it!
Some people make lists of everything. My brother in law can tell you exactly how many dinners his wife has cooked in 35 years! When I have to do something, I plan out the smooth flow of doing it. I don't like back tracking or making to many unplanned stops.
As eager as I was to get that mouse, I decided to do things that would take me in a smooth cirle, things that I have been putting off. Because of my need for smoothness, I had no guilt when I went past Dawn's house with no stop. Besides my nerves were to bad. I think I would have come undone if I had to stand on her porch or get a terse welcome into her kitchen. It really bothers me that I let her see how hurt my feelings are with her. It seems to impower her somehow. Robert, her husband, I can deal with, he shoots from the hip and lets you know exactly how he is feeling. I may not like it or agree, but I have respect for it. Most of the time I dont' agree...I can't deal with deceit and I certainly don't get that from Robert.

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