Naughty Doctor
2005-09-15, 10:34 a.m.

Dear Diary,

My Doctor refuses to increase dosage on my medication. He claims I'm at the highest level now. He's putting me on other medications that make me sleepy. He claims it is only a temporary effect. I don't believe him.
He inquired about me...the real me. I wasn't happy about that. I explained to him that I'm a very private person and that I was uncomfortable talking.
He said that I'm an educated person and wants to help bring me to my full potential.
I feel that is shit. I told him I loved my job, that I felt safe and secure. I also said, being that I'm so paranoid, that it's a perfect job; I'm constantly under surveillance and just knowing that, keeps me less paranoid.


I'm getting to know many of the people that work 2nd shift. I have such a terrible time remembering names, when anyone talks about someone else I have to make them discribe them. I'm much better on faces, but sometimes I can't place them if they are out of their environment.
Just yesterday I stopped at the market to grab something for dinner and the girl at the deli was talking to me and asking me about different people from jail. It wasn't till I walked away, perplexed, that I recalled she had been in jail.

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