Mystic Meetings
2005-03-01, 12:05 p.m.

Yesterday I was beat from too much drinking and too much touring. Today I'm so damn hyper I can't keep focused on one topic.
Saturday was fabulous!!!
It was a truly mystic experience.
I've been reading Sixweasels for about 4 years now, I may have insulted her a wee bit, when I told her her diary reads more of a story than a someone done me wrong blog. But I love her story[s]. I go there to read about her [mis]adventures and the bar and the people in the bar.
As soon as I walked in I spotted her right away, we spotted each other at the same time and gave out a loud scream and hugged each other.
Hell, I felt as if I've known her always and that I've been to the bar.
I had to pee right away and sitting in the bathroom it hit me.
I came out laughing and told her of my surreal experience. The whole evening there was surreal.
We talked and talked and laughed and laughed. Sixweasels and I got up and picked music out of the juke box and we both loved the same stuff.
Batten was a doll baby. We all just kept touching and hugging to push the surrealism away. I swear to God we had to have been the loudest people in the bar.
The bar was nothing at all like I had pictured it all these years...but it was far from a let down for me, just different. It was very bright and clean. I had been picturing it like your typical neighborhood corner bar in the city.
I had also met 2 other Dland writers, but I can't remember their diary names and don't want to mention their real names, but my goodness what spunk they all had!
To be honest, I can't recall if my family was enjoying themselves because I was absorbed into the moment with the ladies.
Thank you all so very much for such a grand evening and we will all have to do it soon at the Point.
Batten, we'll wait till your in less pain.
Love you all and so glad we finally met!

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