My First City Meeting
2004-11-12, 3:07 p.m.

Okay, I'm type A personality, if you didn't know by now.
My daughter is in Mexico for 2 weeks, I've not had any naughty children to deal with at home in what seems eons and Bob and I have called a truce quite sometime ago.
Today, the 1st time ever, I went to a City Budget Meeting.
I attacked the Mayor, and asked if he will like being a onetermer, among a lot of other issues, statements, etc.
Our city has been reduced to ONE fire truck, with 3 career firefighters to respond to a fire, for a city of over 25,000 people. We have a railroad the dissects the city in half, with a North side and a South side.
The Mayor's solution to this was putting a 'mobile van' on the North side of the tracks and have the ladder fire truck on the South side.
Now, mind you, the south side has lots of big yards, single family dwellings, meaning if your neighbors house catches on fire, you have time to get out of your's and pray the yard stops the fire from spreading The northside on the other hand, has row homes, no yards and is a highly dense population.
Today, I went over and checked out this 'mobile van'.....its a friggin MINI VAN!!!!! Not only that....for over a week the NorthSide has had no protection whats so ever!!!! (I'm quick at doing homework, had dollar figures and hours figured out within an hour and a half before the meeting.)
The mini van as pitiful as it is, has been sitting at the southside fire station.
I asked if the Mayor didn't like the people of color? Pffft....even white people can pull the race card! I quickly reviewed the proposed budget and said I love numbers because it tells a story. I said that the budget calls for over 3x's the amount for Police than that of Firefighters, thats good I say, because your going to need even more money for Police, to knock those brown heads around when a mini van pulls up to put out a fire!
Yeah, I know, I better get some naughty kids in the house soon to keep me busy and less focused on whats going on in the community.
By the way....the proposal was denied and the Mayor got jacked and said -I told you (to the city council members) if you rejected this budget, you'll have to put one together...that this is the only one I'm submitting!
YAY for the firefighters and our city!

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