Ms. Gloom & Doom
2004-09-03, 7:19 a.m.

Been so busy with PTA.

Fund raisers haven't been doing as well and expenses are higher.

I'm the Gloom and Doom Officer while the other Officers want all these nice things to be done.

I think I should just make a sign saying NO in big bold letters for everytime they have an idea.

I'm truly going to feel like a 'Bushy' girl by the time my term ends.

I'll be known as one of the Officers who ran the Committee into the Red.

I suggested that we have another fund raiser in October...but they yapped and said we had to many happening already. I said we can't afford not to...we need that money!

Besides, my fund raiser idea wasn't something to purchase from one of those cheesy magazines. I want a Chicken BBQ with a sign set up on the busy street pointing to it...get more traffic flow to the site.....hey, that gives me an idea! Perhaps I'll contact the grocery store and see if we can't set up in their parking lot!!!!

I nixed many classroom allotments that I know get State funding and increased field trip money by $5.00 per child.

Gas is going to kill the budget transporting the children to these places. Plus the 5th grade Teachers purchased many of the children's lunches when they went to Washington DC last hopefully with their fund raiser that they do for their field trip, they can use that to defray the cost of lunch.

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