Me A Hippie?
2004-06-05, 9:35 a.m.

Oh poop! I wish I could recall my conversation with Sharon better than I am, but we had so many others things to talk about that this one piece is all muddled about.

Anyways, Sharon told me she was talking to her mom about next Friday taking the GirlScouts to the zoo. Sharon mentioned I was going and her mom said, "oh, since your hippie friend is going, you don't need me"

She only met me once! And I thought I was being rather reserved around her, but remembered Kelly was also there the day I met her mom, so perhaps I wasn't so reserved....hmmmmm, it was Kelly's fault!

I have to give it to Sharon's mom, she is a good judge of character. Sharon said she never thought that way about me, but many have. She said nothing would indicate that aspect of my personality in my home decor.....thank god!

I don't know if its a good trait to be thought of like that or not.

I'm hoping it's just due to my laid back attitude.

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