Marge Simpson
2005-04-22, 10:41 p.m.

I finished my first week of training and I'm still loving it!
I was finally able to update over at the other site I have. It has been a very busy and physically exhusting week for me. But one that felt so good. I feel alive, I am learning to trust and gaining confidence in myself.
If what I'm experiencing is a mid-life crisis, it's finally my first healthy choice.
While taking notes in class, the Instructor told us that our main priority was to observe the behaviors of the inmates, that our lives and fellow Officer's lives will depend on that.
We also learned when dealing any discipline out, not to take it personally. Not to be excessive, only use enough force to halt the aggression.
I had mentioned in an entry a few back about the boots I purchased with steel toes. I'm diabetic and have a horrible fear of getting my feet hurt. I didn't want them getting stomped by an Inmate nor an Officer in the line of duty. When I was talking to some of the Officers outside during a break, I was asking about the costs of the things we have to purchase....which is everything except the pants and shirts! It only thing that is costly is the boots that I purchased. When I told them I bought the steel toe, they said no......take them back, you don't want to leave marks.
I was really disturbed by that comment. We, the Officers, aren't there to punish them. They are already being punished by being placed in a locked up facility, we aren't there to mete out more punishment.
I just hope he was testing my reaction and if that is so, I gave up nothing.

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