Mae Got A Job
2004-11-14, 10:27 p.m.

Friday morning a friend called me up at 7am. She told me to put on Foxnews, I could hardly believe the lack of control they had in getting Arafat's coffin out! When they finally did, I stared almost hoping the coffin would tilt and he'd fall out.
I've slept the sleep of the dead. I think I'm getting back on track and loathing leaving the house again.
Thats good.
We have the fall fundraiser to finish up this week, I think I'm going to come down with a migraine from hell and a back that is killing me.
By Wednesday, it will be real, so no lie will be stated.
We raised $800. on the bbq and the homeless shelter got all the unsold chicken. I woke Friday morning thinking how tacky it was to sell the left over and that the homeless shelter would appreciate it more.
Maelen got a job last week as a cashier at the market that I have since boycotted. I guess I can go in and pick up an item or 2, every now and then.

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