Ma Forgot To Pay For Gas
2004-06-13, 8:07 a.m.

Sometimes when having an online diary, you need to excercise some control. Timing is everything.

This morning, bright and early, I called the State Police. I needed to get the telephone number of the convenience store that we stopped at prior to getting on the turnpike. Tim forgot to pay for the gas, payed for everything else but not that. We didn't realize it till after getting off the turn pike and there was no way in hell we were going to drive back to pay it.

When I called the store and said I had called the State Police to let them know what we did and to also get telephone number, she said "oh, you shouldn't have done that!" ????? what in the world did she mean by that statement? Is it so odd to be honest? She's like, well just come on in and pay for it then. I was, uhhh, I live 3 hours away! How about I mail it to you. She of course didn't know what to do with all this information, so I gave my name and telephone number, so the store manager can call me when she's next on duty.


The cherry of the whole situation at my mother's house was when she asked if I wanted to run to the Liquor Store with her, I said no because I knew she'd be all puppy dog eyes at me while at the register. I will not buy her alcohol!

The Liquor Store is only a couple miles from her house....but yet she was gone an hour and a half! I inquired to Wayne as to what may have happened to her and he said she probably stopped at Brenda's house....the sister that is buying herself into GOLDEN CHILD status. 30 minutes later I hear Vinny saying "hey Grandma, did you go to Aunt Brenda's?" I then knew she was back and saw her in the kitchen. She told Vinny she didn't stop there, I looked over and asked then where did you go? She told me she ran into some friends and joined them at some bar!

On top of the bullshit I'm unwilling to share at the moment, this sent me sailing! I didn't yell...because I asked Tim later if I had yelled, he said no, but I was angry! I said, we drove all the way up here and you go off to a bar? She's whining at this point and said, but I hadn't seen them in a while. I then said, well it isn't like you see me much! For pete's sake, Vinny has been at her house of a total of 3 times and he's going to be 9 in a couple of months!

She had that stance about her also, indicating I didn't do anything wrong, so get over it! I asked her why she just couldn't pretend a little bit longer on being fake? I told her she was letting her true self slip through, that she was nothing but a fucking liar. I then told Tim that I wanted to go home.

Oh, she cried then and said I'm sorry Barbie, please don't go. It was all I could do not to go in the house and shove the bitch down the basement steps!

As we were getting everything packed up, she had Vinny in her room giving him religious stuff....I went in yelling what the fuck you doing? She did her dry sob and said I just wanted to give him these things. I said he isn't fucking taking any shit from you.


After it got dark, on the drive back, I wasn't able to read my book anylonger. So Ma here, had time to contemplate the situation.

I hope God, when my mother passes away, manifests himself into so Street wise, Pimp looking, Black Man. It sure would be funny to see her try to explain away all her hatred of Niggers.

I wondered if that is the reason she doesn't send Kitana a birthday card, because my granddaughter is bi-racial. I know she hates chinks as much as her niggers!

I wondered if she would finally acknowledge the monsterous deeds done by her golden son once he has used up all her money and tosses her out to the street?


A few days ago she called me up. She said that Wayne wants a separation. She didn't even give me time to respond before she then states...I know your 100% behind him, that you love him and hate me.

I stopped her at that point, I didn't tell her I didn't hate her, but I did explain my relationship with Wayne. I said that he has always shown me respect, that he didn't always agree or even like some of the things that I was doing, but he was honest.

I told her she needs to stop shoving Joey, the golden child, down his throat. She cried and said but I don't want him hating any of my children. I told her I HATED was I uninvited to come to her house....seems to me I sort of was....and she dried sobbed, saying no, she loved me and wanted me to come and visit.

I'm going to end this for now, its getting to close in nature to what I want to vomit later

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