Lunch With Denise
2004-12-21, 2:22 a.m.

I had lunch with Denise last Friday.
I have to admit, when we do meet, we always seem to have an enjoyable time. We never ever run out of things to talk about. But since she had that blow out about how I say things, I'm not as relaxed and I'm very cautious as to how I say things.
The new meds are really helping a lot, I didn't even get a sudden migraine with the stress of having to leave the house and meet her for lunch.
I just sat there and let her ramble on about this and that.....mostly she was bitching about her MIL and Bill. I just sat there listening.
I could hardly believe the things she was saying! The very same things I said, but more diplomatic. She was even ripping in about Bill being a control freak!
Oh trust me, I didn't go near any of that conversation, except to say, -So Denise, is this your way of apologizing? She of course said no.
She certainly isn't all that happy....but I didn't say jack....never ever am I going to speak of anything remotely negative with her. She was even bitching about Bill's son and how lazy he is and how he doesn't have a life outside of his academics. I felt like telling her, that she is only envious of Bill's children's academic achievements.
She went into saying how she hates living in Hershey and wants to move back to this area. She can't wait till her MIL passes away because she is such a bitch and she'd love to have their house. I personally don't think her and Bill's marriage will last as long as her MIL.
Well, now that I wrote it out, I guess the only good thing was the food and my iced tea.

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