2004-07-29, 9:28 p.m.

I'm as red as a lobster and I feel, as I'd imagine, a lobster would feel...going into that damn pot!

I left the house today....my Sister was coming down to pick up my neice at my daughter's house. Even though Dawn didn't tell me....I always find out what happens outside my house.

The kids hate that I learn of their activities and wonder just how I come by all my information.

Anyhow I left the house today so as not to take a chance of an encounter. We went to a quarry that is quite popular for scuba diving.

So nice it was!

I packed a picinic lunch, had Tim call in sick from work and had one of Vin's friends join us.

Mailen played volleyball with a group of people, swam, sat with me and people watched.

I just adore that child!

I feel so protective of her. I will not let her walk far from home and when she wants to visit her friends over on the other side of town, I drive her and give strict instructions on how I do not want her to sit outside on the stoop or porch.

She is such a good girl and I want her to remain that way. When I walk pass her bedroom, my heart sings because she keeps it as neat as a pin.

It is so very very nice having a young lady living at home again. I love my husband and sons so very much....but they are guys and have no interest in homey or womanly type topics.

Mailen isn't competitive towards me like Dawn. Dawn cooks many of the foods she grew up on....she is a fabulous cook....but she always changes them to be super spicy! She always feels compelled to one up me.

I'm very competitive, so she probably got that trait from me.....except I don't feel competitive at home. Home is an area I feel I can relax and just be me.

Mailen came back from visiting her friends and her friend's mother went to a yard sale and picked up a few things for Mailen and......for me!

How sweet!

Mailen told me that she has told them so much about me and her new family that her friend's mother already likes us very much and want to buy me those items as gifts of appreciation.

I have only experienced that a few times....3 to be exact...and it always touches me.

MrEunuch called today after I left him a message requesting that he sign Mailen up for a specific medical card. I explained to him that if he got her that one, that my Dentist would treat her, instead of having to take her to the 'Butcher'.

Anyhow he called and Tim took the call. He asked Tim how Mailen was working out here, -Tim said she is wonderful. MrEunuch asked if it just wasn't a honeymoon period, Tim -oh no, she has a very sweet and innocent disposition.


Oh...what a blessing it was having Nathalie, the girl from Texas. I find myself more tolerant to the Spanish Soap Operas than I use to be. It is so much easier to block that sound out than the damn Country and Western music she listened to!

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