Learn To Forgive
2004-05-23, 9:56 p.m.

Thanks everyone who added me back to their list.

Its been a dreadful time without my Dawn.

She is back, and I hope we never have such a falling out again.

I love her so much.

She turned to a Minister to help her over this latest hump and I vented, cried and prayed.

The first few days I was so angry not having a passport and absolutely refused to go to Mexico.

I'm still dealing with the frustration of TheHomelandSecurity to get my immigration status fixed.

Sharon was over when Matty, who is constantly teasing, said "Hey, Dawn is here!" Sharon and I just looked at each other and said "Right, lock the door". Then he said no really, I asked Sharon to go look, she said no, then asked Nate to go look, he said no...then Dawn WAS behind me!

I know I probably looked like I was going to poop my pants. I was sort of afraid and I think she saw that. She was gentle in tone and gentle in movement and asked me to go upstairs and talk for a couple of minutes.

The first thing she did was hug me and tell me she loved me.

She said I didn't give her enough time to finish telling me why she said the things she did to me on the phone.

She said I just exploded and she knew then she couldn't talk to me any longer.

She then said that she did go into my diary. She said she became just as obsessive with it as I am.

She was surprised how well I spoke of her husband, she cried when she read about the fight between Matty and I. And was shocked to see the falling out I had with Denise.

She reassured me that her and Robert weren't biting off more than they could afford. That things are good financially with them. She had purchased me a beautiful Ruby ring and necklace. She said that she does hear me and knows how it hurt when my Mother gave those away to someone else.

She said the Minister told her in order to forgive others, you must learn to forgive yourself.

How in the name of God, have I been graced with such beautiful children? I at times go into panic mode worrying about damaging such wonderful gifts.

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