Know When To Fold Them
2004-07-07, 9:36 a.m.

It doesn't matter what you think or do, kids will do what they want.

I obsess over dirty laundy...will strip a person down, just to make a full load.

Dawn before marriage, would do 'seasonal' wash. She'd have a full load of just undies alone. The most shocking thing about that is that her house had never smelled of dirty laundy. Trust me, I'd of known and I would have told.

I would never allow the kids to 'bet' to jack. Not even if anything was at stake. I'm so against gambling.

Dawn said she comes alive with the flashing lights, the smell and the sounds of gambling casinos. Matty has been coming home about 2:45am every night the past few nights...he's discovered poker.

The State of Pennsylvania has passed a bill allowing gambling. Renfuckingdell said it would decrease property taxes. Yes, so it has, but our school taxes have doubled! Hope that bastard is a one termer!!!!!!

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