Justice and Snitches
2006-02-09, 10:52 a.m.

They had the hearing on the guy who assulted me...poor sap, he got himself the harshest punishment you can receive; one hour everyday out of his cell and any type of movement requires handcuffs,shackles and 2 CO's, one of which is armed, for the remainder of his stay. He also has no running water in his cell and no hot water is offered to him on any of the shifts. With no hot water, he can't make coffee or make snacks where they use those cup of soups and add a bag of cheetos or sardines.
The night that it happened, the next shift dealt out some justice of their own and he ended up putting himself on suicide watch. He is since off suicide and when I do my rounds he calls me, 'Miss' and says how he prays for me. I wonder what it is he prays for?

I screwed up bad the other night, but was able to weasel my way out of it because the inmate didn't quite ask me the question in the correct form.
I had busted a female for having contraband (razor blade and tobacco) and her celly was offering her advice on how to get out of it. When that female left, I snorted and said to the female I busted and the other celly that I found it funny that she was offering advice when she was the one who gave them up when it came to saving her own skin.
Your never ever to give up a snitch, but she wasn't mine and I can't stand the CO who she belongs to, nor do I like the snitch. I can honestly say I loathe her.

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