2006-02-13, 12:12 a.m.

I jinxed myself tonight for work. When we were in the Briefing room before we got assigned to our stations, I was hoping I wouldn't get WorkRelease. When my name wasn't called for it, I nah nah'd to the person who got it.

Our WorkRelease is mostly housed with a majority of GeneralPopulation, they are the people that are picked up immediately off the street. The most unruly and drug/alcohol withdrawling wenches. We have inmates mixed with dangerous drug dealers and inmates that go to work.
Not a good combination at all, nor is it good for my tolerance level. Especially this close to my 6 days on.

I was in StationControl when I heard loud voices coming from that area. I went down and heard the CO ordering an inmate to secure. As I walked in I heard the inmate demanding to talk to me because I had busted her mate to the Gen.Pop block.
I then told the inmate I was busy and that she needed to secure. She didn't and I ordered again, but this time I drew my PepperSpray. She didn't move til she saw me shake the canister.
At this time, all the other inmates back there started backing away from me and her.
When she reached her bunk, she refused to secure....I sprayed her.

Usually what you do is call for BackUp, but I was so sick of their bullshit, that I jumped immediately to the spray. Fuck them bitches!
I bet now they'll think twice before disobeying an order I give.
The CO's were laughing afterwards, saying if they have anymore problems with the inmates they'll just say, "You want me to get Barb back here?"

Yup, 10 months later and I'm still loving my job. I'll hear inmates telling new inmates coming in, that they have butted heads with me on several occasions, but I'm an honest CO and they have respect for me.

I think I have found my niche and finally feel content. And to think of all the money my husband spent paying off my college loans!

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