I Want Caribou
2004-07-05, 4:34 a.m.

I can't sleep any more at night. It doesn't matter if I take a 15 minute nap, an hour or none at all. I can't sleep at night.

It must be depression.

Or I lack physical exercise.

This new girl is still here.

She's a cowgirl, boots, hats and country music.

Country music drives me just as crazy as when I'm subjected to Spanish soap operas.

I had Matty take her with him and Jarod to see the Fireworks.

They came back home and said she called Jarod a Coon. I just stood there with my mouth open. I then asked her if that was true? The boys started laughing and she said no, they still claim she did and did a poor imatation of a southern accent. She didn't and what naughty boys for setting her up like that.

Kitana is getting older.

She no longer desires to hang out with her nana or snuggle on my lap. Its hard even getting a token hug from her.

Vince is driving me crazy with his saucy mouth. I'm thinking he's in need of some therapy, but Tim would have a freaking fit if I were to suggest it...other than during the moment.

Saturday we partied with old friends we haven't seen in years.

It was like a reunion...I looked around and saw how old were all getting. Several of us had children graduate the same year.

I want Caribou.

I think I'll learn how to hunt while living out on the tundra.

I want to see Moose.

I hate the heat.

I don't like feeling greasy.

I gave away my old air conditioner to Dawn but the new one is so loud that I rarely turn it on. But yet, I don't want to do a switch with her.

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