It's okay Ma
2004-06-13, 12:08 a.m.

Got back from my Mom and Wayne's an hour ago. We were suppose to stay overnight, but obviously that isn't the case.

The ending was perfect, at least on ending that tome [sans the scholarly part] of a chapter.

After my banner run is done running, I'll go into more detail than I'm willing to do at this time.

Its rather embarrassing. I have come to terms with the accusation that was directed at me and considered the source of who made it and why he made it.

I've been holding on to that piece of garbage since Presidents Day 2003. I can certainly wait to vomit it after the banners run out.

Before going up I had made a favorite pie of my mother's and a cake for my step-father. I hope mom doesn't toss the pie out. It will still warming as I left. The pie I made last night was half gone this morning, and I would have felt my nerve bringing only half up. So before leaving I mixed up and assembled everything so that I could bake it as soon as I got in the door. Knowing my mother the way I do, she'd of been insulted if I hadn't of done it that way.

We took my station wagon up because I wanted to bring back Wayne's desk and a brand new air conditioner. The desk was just an inch and a half too big to go in width wise, so we had to place it in lenght wise. So with that and the air conditioner, we couldn't put the seat up and Vinny was along, who needed a seat belt more than me.

It was as if I was living through a novel by John Steinbeck. I was in the back of the station wagon with all this stuff! I told Tim I felt like the epitome of White Trash. Tim started laughing so hard that tears were rolling down his cheeks, and he said "It's okay Ma, we're off to a better life!"

Fucker, he wasn't the one sitting in the back!

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