I'm Scared
2005-04-17, 12:33 p.m.

Zoloft will really be put to the test this week.
I, who can not deal with change, will be encountering lots of change. Not only working outside the home again after 9 years, but what size of Pickles I purchase.
I need to relearn how to shop for a small family. There isn't any need for the large jars of mayo, pickles, hot pepper and pepperoncinis.
I need to relearn how to cook smaller portions so that we aren't eating the same thing for a week.
I'm really going to miss all the boys coming over and eating me out of house and home once Matty leaves.
How does a person make only a small amount of spaghetti?
I have a sick feeling deep within my heart that my Father-In-Law is soon going to give us change. God, my heart hurts. I'm also ashamed to visit him, fearing he will die in front of me.
Tim and Vinny haven't come home yet from church....perhaps they've gone to see Papa. I'll take extra ativans and go see him also.

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