"I know no English, DumbAss"
2004-09-17, 9:23 a.m.

My itch is gone and I'm glad I haven't a flesh eating diease.

I'm feeling tired and unaccomplished. I feel like I'm constantly having to swallow back panic.

Denise called me the other day and kindly scolded me for never calling her since I got back from vacation.

Its hard for me to do things with other people. Now that school is back in session, it seems most afternoons and evenings are revolving around children, homework and sports.

Vince needs very little guidance during his homework, I only need to check it. Matty...yeah right, its all Greek to me. But Maelen's needs me to go over it and make sure she answered all the questions and that she understands what she's doing.

I'm tired, I'm boring as hell.....I dread the fact that Matty will be away from me next year in College. I only hope he doesn't choose the University on the other side of the State.

I miss the energy I use to see in Matty. Now I only see him when he's all spent.

Enjoy those little ones, they grow up so quickly. I no longer count down when Vinny is in College.

At the volleyball game last night, one of the teacher's was pulling extra as Security. I sat and talked to her through the game. Her youngest is going off to College next Fall and she is feeling the effects of empty nest already too.

She's going to get a dog in the Spring.

I have allergies, I wonder what I'll replace in my nest? Perhaps becoming a Host to Foreigners....get them acclimated to the American Ways...Yeah, "I know no English, DumbAss"

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