I did do okay by Tina
2005-03-07, 9:30 a.m.

As much as I dread leaving the safety of my home, it never fails that I have a wonderful time out. No matter what it is I do.
Sharon and I went to my favorite store 1st because I had a rebate to spend. I was able to purchase so expensive moisturizing cream and several new spring outfits. I figured if I do get this job, I'll be dressing Butch at least 10 hours out of the day and I'll want to switch over to bright festive colors in non butch cut.
Where ever Sharon and I go, we always have willing characters ready to tell us little private stories about themselves.
While Sharon was looking at other things, I was getting my purchases rang up. One of the salesgirl's was telling me about her up and coming trip to London and who she was staying with and what she planned on doing.
We left there and hit several other stores...one store we were limited to having a baby stroller/shopping cart. Sharon went in to try on clothing and I was checking out some great sales near that area....it was very crowded. Sharon said she was so tempted to come out asking in a hysterical voice, where the baby was. I'd of bitched slapped her had she done that. I told her that if she'd of done that, management immediately lock down the store, and go into search mode for the baby.
Wouldn't she of felt the ass had that happened and her being a Social Worker.
Afterwards we went into Ruby Tuesdays for a bite to eat. We had the cutest Waiter there and also very personable.
Sharon and I were seated across a couple sitting in a booth. The couple were sitting side by side. I just making a comment...non snide like, said I couldn't stand sitting next to someone like that eating, that I'd much prefer sitting across because I eat like a heathen and need as much room as possible. Sharon then preceeds in discussing (loudly obviously) how gay it is, how they must be in recent love, etc etc. I look up and over....here is the woman were talking about eye fucking me! It wasn't even me saying the crude stuff, so I just smiled at her, turned, then bitched Sharon for getting me caught!
Our cute Waiter had a scratch on his face and Sharon and I were spectulating on how he got it...she said a fight and I thinking he was too much of a pretty boy for that and said a cat. When he came over, I outright asked him what happened to his face? He told us his crazy girlfriend did it too him. He then went on to tell us all about there relationship, his time in Temple University and the trouble he has gotten into. I told Sharon watch, if I get that job as a CO, I'll be seeing him either visiting his girlfriend or him in the prison.
Later Sharon wondered why he just didn't lie to us when we asked about the scratch? I told her I reminded him to much of his mother probably and the truth just spilt out.
We also learned that he knew my son. And when we got back home, Sharon asked Matty if he remembered him? Matty laughed and said yeah and that he had also been in jail. Wow, I just amaze myself with seeing the truth.
I had a surprise visit from Tina while Sharon was here. She was just coming home from the Philadelphia Children's Hospital with her little girl. Oh my goodness is her daughter ever beautiful! It's hard to believe she is as sick as she is, she looks so healthy.
Poor little Dezianna has many health problems though and the Doctors have very little faith in her making it.
If Sharon weren't here to witness Tina's visit, I'd not say this....but I must say, I do believe Tina did benefit by living with me. She seems much calmer and shows much love and care for her daughter. I'm very proud of Tina for the way she has become.

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