I May Be Old and Short.......
2006-02-22, 9:02 a.m.

I'm on the first of my 2 days off. I didn't even realize it last night. Usually I'm beat and stressed by my 5th day. I'm sure it had a lot to do with my spraying the inmate last week.

My partner was telling me last night that the Sergeant told her, that with me working with her, she never has to worry about her back, that I have it covered. He also said he was amazed at how unafraid I am and how I'm not reluctent in using my authority nor what is available to excersie that authority.
Geez, should I accept that compliment as a certification to how crazy I truly am?

Oh my God!!!! I had my first encounter with a penis other than my husbands or little boys during a diaper change!
Last night I was all jazzed up on RedBull and took the female inmates to Medical for their medication.
In the Medical area we have an infirmary and medical isolation cells. They are closed off, but windows to the sections are installed.
Anyways, I notice 2 of the females acting strange, and look at where they are looking. It was one of the isolation cells. I went over and opened up the door, the inmate jumped down from his window area and I saw that his boxers were partially down and when he turned sideways he had an erection.
I was so shocked and said, "Oh my" then slammed the door. I stood there a moment with my back to the window debating what to do. I then remembered that a favorite Officer of mine was working in CentralControl so I radioed for him to come down.
In hind sight, I guess I should have done nothing, but I was just a bit shocked and embarrassed and thus over-reacted.

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