I Have A Life, Oh My
2005-06-15, 7:55 a.m.

Lots has been happening.

Matthew graduated last week and is now at the beach for Senior Week. He is staying close to our place down there, he is just like me....wants the comforts of familiarity. I really like the hotel they are staying at, I also take comfort with the fact that I know exactly where he is staying. This place is geared towards Senior Week and does not allow anyone over the age of 21 to stay that week....which means they really can't sneak alcohol in!
He and his friends are having so much fun.
Max, the German exchange student has also gone down, even though the exchange program told him he was not allowed to leave the State and if he did and if they discovered that he did, he would be sent back to Germany immediately.
Max is leaving at the end of this month anyhow.
Matty and Max have established a strong friendship and both of them ended up crying during refreshments after the graduation ceremony.
Unbeknownst to Matty, if he does well his freshman year at College, I'll present him with a round trip ticket to Germany. He and Max have been talking about getting together and touring Europe together and I feel it will be a wonderful experience for him.

Vincent is doing great so far and seems to have matured so much since last year. He and his buddies have been writing and drawing comic books, swimming, riding bikes and just plain old horsing around.
Vinny is my child to remind me so much of my youth; the good things. He and his friends rely much upon imagination in their playing. They aren't just hooked on video games, they are out exploring their area and minds.
I see him, Collin and Cameron being close friends all through their High School years. All of the parents and us, share same interests and expectations for our children.

Maelen called me the other day inquiring about some legal documentation that she may have left here. This was the 1st time either of us spoke since she left in April.
It felt so good to hear her voice again.
Soon after the inital awkwardness of the conversation, it felt like old times. She wants to come back home and she was so afraid of calling me prior to then because she didn't know how I was going to react.
The poor kid. She isn't use to being forgiven for just being a kid. I called the Agency up and told them that Maelen wants to come back home and that we all want her back.
I pray that she gets to come home soon.

Now for the ugly....
Work is wonderful. I love doing what I do, I even have respect given to me from the inmates and have been let in on potential dangerous eruptions between inmates.
Oh Lordy, Ruth is back in jail! After breakfast (chow) yesterday, I went down to the cell that she is being housed in. She was almost back to sleep when I called out her name. She looked over at me and said I looked so fimilar, but she couldn't place me. I told her I was the one who had her children, Tina and Ruben. Oh she says and how nice to see me again. I just laughed at her and asked why she was back? We talked for a while but I had a lot to do and said we'd talk later.
Ruth really is a very personable person and you can't help but like her and just shake your head at her stupidy.
Speaking of stupidy, this is where ugly comes in. My 'partners' are such back biting bitches and so petty! I once again lost it on one of my 'partners' for her insensitivy and lack of manners.
I've been subjected to a full range of hostily.
They feel I should not be working in the capacity that I am because I have a college degree, thus, should be doing something more important and giving my hours over to someone of lesser education.
Some of them feel I'm a snitch, thus, being mindful of what they are doing around me. (To understand this statement go to Jail House Tales)
And the pettiest of them all is:COFFEE!
Ever since I finished my training I have been contributing to the coffee canister. 2 of my fellow classmates haven't been. I had filled the coffee canister 3 times and then realized, I was the only one putting coffee in and no one else was. I being me, opened my mouth and commented. Politely mind you. I then just brought coffee in and was storing it in my locker.
After a couple days, one of the Corrections Officer wondered why they weren't having a pot of fresh coffee made when they started their shift. I said there wasn't coffee available for them. They then made a comment about some people drinking the coffee and not contributing. I said yeah, I know and I shouldn't be the one to support everyones coffee habits because of R3nee and M3ri. That I had filled the canistered on several occassions and that I wasn't going to be the chump any longer! I did relent a little and would make them a pot out of my coffee I stored in my locker.
I did the over-night shift 12am to 8am Tuesday. I went in made coffee the way I like it; the taste of coffee and not dirty water. That was fine, had a good evening/morning shift until change over.
Marth@ and I had finished doing our end of shift counts and etc. when she said that coffee needed to be made for the next shift. I said yeah, you better break out 12 to 8's coffee because I wasn't suppling mine for everyone.
Damned if that bitch didn't tell the next shift how I was pissed that I had to use my coffee! Poor Louise felt so embassed by M@rtha's comment and said that she had coffee and was sorry I had to use mine. I was so furious with Marth@ that I called her a fucking ignorant ass bitch, then stormed out and waited for her to get between rooms so we could get out.
She then had the audicity to ask why my face was so red!!!! I turned to her and said I felt so sorry for her, that she must be a very insecure and angry person to constantly try to demean others and not to fucking talk to me anymore.
Much to my horror, I started crying.

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