High Hopes....Right, Not Here Honey
2004-09-08, 9:09 a.m.

High Hopes. That what I had planned for my day.

Planned is the operative word.

Getting 'feedback' from last nights PTA meeting. Many complaints on delivery.

What the fuck.

We had major budget cuts. How the hell do you tell of that with a smile on your face and act like everything is swell?

I rarely drink at home, but last night I came home and had a glass of wine.


Just got off the phone with one of Maelen's teachers. He said he is having problems with her and her attitude.

I was somewhat aware that there was friction between the two and when Maelen told me about her interaction with him, I became very animated and explained to her, that I will not tolerate her disrespecting her teacher!

I understand the underlining reason for her behavior....its a class in US Government, but it is also geared for the ESL students.

It was so surprising to me to see this side of Maelen! But on the other hand, it makes her more typical. Now I realize she isn't retarded or an angel.

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