Happy Birthday Vinny
2004-08-31, 11:55 a.m.

It feels lonely here at the house.

I'm not complaining, only making an observation. I have more time to think then what I did during summer break. I'll have to try and keep myself out of bed.

Today is Vinny's birthday. Oh how I remember that whole process. Lots of new experiences I had with him versus the others.

With Vin I felt my only contractions. I cried and demanded pain medicine. When the nurse checked me, she looked at me like I was crazy and said I was only 2 cc dilated. So what, it hurt.

I tell Vinny he really knocked hard at the door to come out. I made Tim takes pictures of me while I was in pain. I like to show and remind Tim and Vin both all the pain I suffered for them.

I also remember having my first great sleep in months while at the hospital before they took me in to have the C-section. Yeah, Tim was all crunched up on a chair and my bed was elevated enough so that I didn't have trouble with indigestion/heartburn. The first in 9 months! My last thoughts were of the discomfort of Tim on that chair. I probably fell asleep with a smile on my face.

The hospital was well aware of my panic attacks and killer migraines when receiveing a spinal...so I had lots of medications to take care of both.

Oh how I recall that cry of Vin's. Very destinctive it was....sort of like an old grouchy man crying.

When discribing Vin, I say he is high needs. I often tell Tim we should take him to see a Psychiatrist, but Tim always says -Some kids come out smoking a cigar and complaining.

Thats my Vin!

I've given birth to myself.

I love you so much Vinny.

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