Well Well Well, We're All So Very Happy
2004-06-09, 7:23 a.m.

Day 3 of Schools out for the summer and I can honestly say, its not been bad. Still haven't had time to get over to the Community Pool to get our summer pass and its going to be a hot one today. And, eeeee, no air conditioner downstairs yet.

I had my hair all cut off yesterday...not buzzed, but very short. Short like I had it in the 90's. Its so much easier to deal with and I'm sure, with it going to be hot, I'll be even more happier with it.

Dawn and I went shopping yesterday.

It wasn't dreadful like it was when she was in school! She even commented on how nice it was shopping with me.

Yeah, she was quick this time. She use to stand and look for like 20 minutes at each outfit she tried on. I bought everything she tried on that she liked. It sort of felt like going down Memory Lane and my getting her summer wardrobe.

Matty needed to get the oil changed in his car. The place was having a $15.95 special. I told him to schedule it. Yeah, the dingdong gets the expensive one! EEEEE, now he's mad at me because I asked him to give me $20 towards the $60 when he gets paid.

He wasn't happy about that.

But, I think he may have felt guilty for being a butt later. Because he came home with a Mango Italian Ice for me.

Now we're both happy.

Vince was happy because Matty took him to the Dollar Store so he could spend some of his booty from First Holy Communion.

I cooked a decent dinner last night, then went to the Market without whines of doing said chore, so even Tim was happy.

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