Goya Rant
2004-10-22, 9:38 a.m.

I'm a stupid loyal bitch. Even during a time when American owned companies aren't loyal to the American Worker. You have to give credit to IBM for trying for the longest time, not to out source work to other countries...they sent work to Canada.
And you stupid fuckers who think its all about Bush losing jobs....out sourcing started on Clinton's watch!!!!
Anyways, the point of this entry is that for 2 months I was very calm in waiting for my jasmine rice (I buy the 20lb bags), every few days I'd stop in the market to find out if they had it. They'd give me some song and dance about the Vendor.
Last Sunday I called...its always busy on Sunday's and always short staffed, but its when I DO MY SHOPPING! I asked if they had my rice? The girl wasn't sure, I asked to speak to the manager on duty....she said he stepped out for a moment....I told her then she best walk back and find out if my rice was there! She came back a few minutes later and said no. I then demanded to speak to the manager...she got him. I went off and now I have my rice!
But before that time of going off on him, I have also started shopping at another American Owned grocery store. They had the jasmine rice in, but only in small containers. I spoke to the manager and asked if he couldn't get me the 20lb bags in....yesterday when I got home, I had 4 messages on the answering machine in regards to my rice.
I'll go and pick up my rice that I demanded at the other store...even though its Goya and I hate goya...that was another thing I bitched about...Goya rices...lots of medium grain...no new crop no jasmine. Its mostly the Hispanics that use the Goya product and the MEDIUM grain! I explained to him how wonderful that all that product was constantly available for those that use food stamps, but fuck me and my cash!
I'm done with my own market and will drive an extra 5 blocks for my NEW CROP JASMINE RICE!!!! And it ain't fucking Goya!

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