Girly Girls
2004-07-22, 11:04 a.m.

Tuesday Skankin Mindy dropped off the sweetest little girl that I have had in a long time. When Mindy called to find out if I'd do respite for a few days, I asked her if there is anything I need to know about the girl. I had to pull what info I got from her and it was nothing. Finally I asked if she had any behavioral issues, -hahaha, that would be my entire case load, but yeah she goes to the [mental hospital]day camp.

Lordy, but I can't wait til Skankin Mindy leaves and takes her rank ass else where.

I learned from the girl that she had to leave her last foster home due to stealing and lieing.

I then called Skank and left her a voice message -When asked if there is anything I need to know, I think it is essential that if you know that a child has stolen and is being removed from that home for that offense, that you should tell the next family! I went on to say that it wouldn't have had any impact upon her staying with me, but it would have been nice having a heads up!

I never did hear from her.

As stated, the little girl was a sweetheart. Kitana loved her and Veronica was so nice to her. They played hopscotch out on the sidewalk laughing and giggling. It was so welcoming having a girly girl about.

But the poor thing is going to a real dirtbag foster home today. It breaks my heart that she is going there, its a shame things didn't work out at the other home.

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