2004-08-29, 9:40 p.m.


I keep hearing that cheesey song from the 80's rushing through my head.

But oh yeah, I counting the hours baby!

I have high hopes of fumigating the house of smelly kids tomorrow!

Scrubbing walls, washing curtains, throw covers, etc. etc.

I now know why my couch is looking so beat. I was reading the sports page on local high school football players and the one boy that was here many many nights, weighs 285 pounds and is 6'7". I'd come down in the morning and he and Matty would be sprawled either on the couch or loveseat. One time it was the giant Jared who fell asleep on the loveseat.


You know he had to be crunched up when he woke up.

Matty, while we were down at the beach, had soccer practice 3xs a day. Inbetween practices, he'd come home and sleep on the couch.....remember, it was the white thing I got free? Needless to say, it isn't so white and I cringe thinking of all the sweat those boys put all over it.

I'll be stripping those covers off and bleaching the hell out of them.


Ummmmm......downy and tide!

Yup, fumigating.

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