Fucking Ass Nuggets
2004-06-17, 2:18 p.m.

Letters like the one I received only reinforces my decision not to go back into long term placements.

I have forwarded copies of the letter she sent to C&YS and will do follow up that it just doesn't get drop/shredded.

I wrote the girl back and was rather harsh with her laa dee daa attitude.

She wrote me back and said what was she to do about it.

I calmed down a little and wrote that she needs to contact C&Y and let them know.

Fucking Ass Nuggets.....

I hope the Agency just goes in and takes this baby and then takes the one she whelps out 6 months from now!

It appears she cares nothing at all about her son...oh well, thats the breaks in life...so it seems to me on her attitude.

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