Its Friggin Warm Up There
2005-01-10, 2:24 p.m.

I love that new commercial for Jenny Craig. It has that woman from Cheers, Kristine Something.
I by far am more amused with commercials than I am with most of the programs they have airing. I think the only thing I really watch on regular tv is the Simpson's and Seinfeld.
Yeah yeah, I'm obsessing, but it is as warm in Greenland as it is here. My stepdad was telling me they heat their homes from the volcanic activity under the ground.
Well, if that isn't a pisser.
I wanted some cold weather along with those glacier icecubes.
He had also asked where I planned on staying, I said they have places called Fisherman Houses at $60 USD a day, he told me to stop being so cheap and just stay at a hotel.....I think not, not at $125 a day! I still have a private bathroom and I could still go to the hotel to eat if I didn't like what they have at the cafeteria.
Winter break is over. We had our meeting today between officers on the next PTA meeting.
I truly am dreading the next fundraiser sale.

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