2005-01-24, 12:16 p.m.

I'm finally getting some responses back from my inquiries for a visit to Greenland!
Can you believe it's warmer up there than it is down here....geez, but who cares, it will still look like a winter wonderland!
Not far from me, they have an ice display of a coal mine coal miners and all that go along with it til February. If I can't get Tim to go with me, I'll beg Sharon to go with me.
Anyhow, here is an excerpt from some things that were forwarded to me on dogsledding.
1-day Husky excursion to Ikkatteq
A full days dogsledging and visit to an outlying settlement West of Tasiilaq. Traversing the fjord beside Tasiilaq to its end, the route follows into a hinterland of hills and lakes and rises to a mountain pass at 2000 feet where the majestic Sermilik fjord comes into view. Descending toward the western coast of Ammassalik island, including an impressive frozen waterfall, we arrive on the seaice amid immobilized icebergs and arrive at the picturesque island village of Ikkatseq, population 2 families. Lunch in this typical traditional settlement, where life is based on fishing and hunting seals and polar bears, completely without modern conveniences. Sledging home to Tasiilaq, gasp at the dogs clawing their way up the frozen waterfall, and the fast final downhill run toward the Ammassalik fjord.

I've got some really negative people surrounding me.
I sent links off to a friend of ours and this was his response:You think you are physically in good enough shape to go dogsledding? You smoke too much.
Geez Louise, it isn't like I'll be the actual person mushing
EEEE...wonder how many I should purchase.....Polar Bears are not strangers to this part of the world. When you decide to go off on your own, let someone know about your intentions, and at all times carry signal flares when walking alone. They can be purchased at the KNI store.

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