2004-06-06, 11:16 p.m.

Farewell Dear President Reagan. You offered much class and dignity to our Government. You were the force behind some of the greatest moments of history.

Our Country was lucky to have had you as President.


For as long as I can remember, as young as Vinny, I had always taken an interest in our Presidency.

I remember Johnson...which didn't leave a favorable impression of anyone coming from Texas. I loved Nixon, Ford was excellent for humor, Carter a great guy, but totally ineffective in that role. Plus at that time, we really never heard nasty things about the Presidents family members. Billy and his love of beer. They sort of took the class out of that area.

But wow, Nancy was a Classy First Lady and Reagan, absolutely perfect for Presidency. They both were truly in love and it was good.

Not like Kennedy and his ho dog ways....Camelot, my hinney!

Reagan was the 1st President I had ever sent money to, $1000.oo, recieved a general invitation to the 1984 Inaugural.

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