2004-09-22, 12:06 p.m.

Oh my god! Here I sit on hold waiting to talk to some stupid officer from immigrations.

Spoke to several already....okay, I was a bit obsessive over the word 'attested' and it required them to tell me -no, it doesn't need notorized for about 10 minutes.

Honestly, I don't want any more delays! January is rolling around and I know I'll want/need my passport!

I explained to them, if the papers aren't notorized, how will they tell if they are true of not? I said Canada needed them notorized. She got huffy about that and said, -we aren't Canada and do things different here!

Well, fucking excuse me....ah, thats right this is the country that lets the southern border open, lets illegal young men here, lets men of Arabic descent to wonder about taking photo's of nuclear plants!

Yeah, fuck ups!

I'm still on hold!!!!!

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