Dragging That Ghetto Queen To Calcutta
2004-11-09, 8:29 a.m.

Oh Lordy, I have icecream to hand out to all the children today at the school and my eyes look like Garfield's.
I also have a PTA meeting tonight.
I hate being so damn old that when you cry it takes a week for the swelling to leave and then your stuck with massive amounts of new wrinkles.
Thanks Dawn.
When I was talking to her last night, I asked her if she thought I was mean and unjust with her brothers? She said no...I then asked why she thinks she had it so different? She said nothing.
When Matty came home last night, I was still boo hooing....I asked if he was going to eat Thanksgiving dinner with me....he looked at me like I was retarded and said of course, then inquired why we weren't going to Dawn's, I said she told me she didn't feel like being bothered and that we were no longer invited, nor did they want to come here.
You know, I hate the person that Dawn is, I don't hate her, but she certainly has nothing much in common with me.
Maybe I'll kidnap her nasty little ass and drag her off to Calcutta with me and let her be the first to get her lobotomy! I'll wait a day or so for mine....maybe I won't need it after she gets her's!

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