Dr. Pervert
2005-03-02, 4:54 p.m.

I checked my buddy list twice and Sixweasels didn't dump me!
Whew, and I was all fired up when I met them.
I can't believe I forgot all about this little tid bit of information I came by while out on my job interview...yes you read correctly, job interview.
Anyhow, I found out why my Doctor lost his Medical License.....He was jacking off in his backroom after seeing his female patients!!! Ew, and to think I felt so sad for the pervert. I can't remember all the details, but I told Sharon and she'll get more information for me.
I hope that Fucker wasn't jacking off after my daughter visited him. Sharon always told me she thought he was gross. You'd think I'd be able to spot a pervert a mile away....damn.
I don't want to hex myself, so I'm not going to say what exactly I interviewed for....but it seems like it will be exciting for me; something to complete the dysfunction of that I deal with daily.
Yesterday was the 1st interview I went on in over 14 years and I wasn't nerve out by it at all. In fact, I rather enjoyed it.
I think they want to hire me, but my immigration status has them a bit in a quandary, but I told them that shouldn't be a reason for my not being employed. They also thought so, but still, I'm crossing my fingers.
Zen....thanks for being so sweet in your discription of me.

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