Dear Diary
2005-03-11, 6:55 a.m.

Dear Diary,
Boy am I happy your here when I feel the need to spout out the recent happenings of my so called life.
Yes, I have some drama occurring again, but thankfully not directly on the homefront. But I'll get to that later.
Last night was the Talent Show at Vinnie's school, Vinny and his friend Collin were in it. They were a comedy act.
Listening to his jokes all week, I felt that dread that Hugh Grant had, when the boy, from the movie "About A Boy", decided to do the Talent Act, singing a song by Roberta Flack; Killing Me Softly. (I love that song by the way and Sharon and I both talked about how we each felt like losers after watching that movie.) Matthew and his buddies even had to go to watch this act. We had front row seats....unheard of at any event that may be happening at the Elementary School.
Much to my surprise, Vinny and Collin were hysterical!!!! The jokes were corny, ie. "What did the 0 say to the 8? Nice belt!" But they had us cracking up. The delivery of the jokes were perfect and I'm not just saying that because it was my kid up there...the whole cafetria was laughing hardy laughs. Even Matty and his buddies were laughing hysterically.
I'm not sure if I had mentioned that my Mom and Wayne reconciled or not...but they did and I was a very very happy person. It was less for me to worry about but mostly so they could be together.
I spoke to them both and they both told me how happy they both were. It sounded so honest.
Two nights ago, Mom called me at 10pm, late for her. She said Wayne asked for a Divorce. I was shocked and asked what was going on? She said she didn't know. I told her it sounds medical...he just got out of the hospital. (Damn Zoloft made me forget all about it and Mom called me 4 days later to inquire as to why I haven't called Wayne yet in the hospital).
I haven't spoken to Wayne yet, I know that while I was talking to him while he was in the hospital he was more aggitated than usual. He also said he had concerns about all his medication and that the Doctors aren't paying him much attention when he discussing it with them. He said he isn't sure if he's got CP or just the wrong kinds of meds.
I'd hate to think he was playing Mom for a fool and playing with her heart. It has to be the medication.

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