Continuous Rant
2004-10-22, 10:25 a.m.

Just stepped out of the shower and of course that is the place I feel warm, relaxed and able to think.
Kerry John's Wife Away scoffed at us stay at home mothers.
I thought about my rice and equality...we of the middle class are getting short changed every time we turn around...I think of President Johnson and my blood boils!
Yeah, we SAHM's need people to try to keep us down. We have more time to think.
I don't buy many named brands cereals. Not only cost but for the way they are package.
They have started placing the cereal in those tighter sealed plastic bags...the same as generic. My conclusion: Hurry hurray...hire a bunch of part timers, save on benefits, lay them off.
The package that the cereal is now placed in is for shelf life!
I refuse to support that type of philosophy, thank you!
Yeah, I'm wacked and I don't care! I write Post, General Mills, etc. and explain why I no longer purchase their product.
Also while I was up taking my shower....I'm not going into my old store to pick up the rice. I asked only once at the other store and they got it for me right away. Why should I give my money to someone I had to beg for months? SAHM's research where we'll spend the money that our husbands go out an earn!
And today, all I was looking forward to was laying on the couch, eating bon bon's and reading my book.
The reason I don't like Goya is that they jack the prices up for the same product. I can pay 49cents for a bag of dry beans and Goya will charge 15cents more for the same bean.

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