Complacent No More
2004-11-01, 2:08 p.m.

Went to Immigrations today only to discover I still have one more stage to go through to getting my Green Card!
Holy shit, is there no wonder we have so many illegals.
Tim took off work today to drive me and hold my hand during the ordeal. I come undone so easily when dealing with Governmental bureaucracy.
I thank God I didn't have to go to Philadelphia and deal with a large crowd of people. Instead I got to go to a place that was much smaller. It was a small farm house converted somewhat to fit the needs of the Immigrations office. It didn't even bother me that it sat beside a prison...the paranoid soul that I am.
Afterwards we went to Borders, and I got Ann C0uter's book 'How To Talk To A Liberal (if you must), another book by Pearl $ Buck and several CD' absolute favorite being Louis Arm$trong's 'Dixieland'.
Dang, I'm still in Christmas mode for buying for me!!!!!
We then went for lunch and now back home.
Oh what a welcoming smell we were greeted to while entering our town.
The farmers sprayed sludge on the fields and it stunk so bad driving past it.
We took all the old back roads and hardly saw a Kerry/Edwards sign at all. Lots and lots of Bush/Cheney signs, big ones too!!!
I just want this election over with. My nerves are about to fray completely. If its Kerry, I'll mourn the nation.
Yesterday as we were driving through the country side of Lancaster, my heart broke over all the beauty I was honored to see. It once again made me happy to live where I do.
The weather was beautiful and saw many young Amish adults out riding bikes in groups.
I saw the mountains covered in trees, lots of farming...makes me want to kick the friggin tree hugging Liberals! Perhaps if they'd drive outside their cities, they'd realize how much of our country is undeveloped. They act as if Bush is some sort of destuctor of our natural resources.
I thought about what this country would have been like if the Europeans didn't come over....what if it were Russian?
How would the Indian's of suffered then?
What of this countries resources then?
America gives 80% of the food to feed the poor of other nations!
We are rich, but yet a humble country. We share....we don't force shit down the throats of other nations....we do as the bible says...teach them how to fish, that way they'll always eat. We spread the word of democracy....better yourself...leave the old caste society!!! We are also no longer in the Industrial Era.....Bush knows its been a dead era for a long time now. The key is EDUCATION....the Democrats are holding us down, keeping us in the mind set of the 3rd world nations!
We have been complacent for far too long. Lets shake the dust out of whats happening to our youths!
I love that Bush has approach this situation in the schools. Why are we having so much bitching and moaning from the Educators in regards to NO CHILD WILL BE LEFT BEHIND? I know why...they have become lazy and complacent in tenure.
Fuck You.....time to step up to the bat and make sure our kids can read and perform basic math.
Okay, enough from the peanut gallery

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