Chump Ass Cracker
2005-12-10, 4:30 a.m.

Just got back from going out after work to celebrate the change of status for a nurse.

After having a few drinks, a bunch of us decided to go out for breakfast. The restuarant sat us next to a table full of ex-inmates. I guess things got loud....but we did forewarn the establishment that wasn't a good placement, they are also fully aware that we are Corrections Officers.

One of the Inmates said something to my partner and I got jacked and told 3 of them I'm sure I'd beable to have them come up on Parole Violations and God forbid they have to do State time, because I'd place the call personally.
*Inmates know that if County calls State prior to admittance, they get beat bad*
Anyhow, the owner finally moved us....and just to be on the safe side, I gathered up a few more Officers that were there and worked our shift, because I did get a bit worrisome with the one white boy that was with them because I called him a Chump Ass Cracker.

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