Christmas 2004
2004-12-26, 5:26 p.m.

I'll work backwards.
Even though I behave badly prior to going to his family's house, doubled my medication even, I was fine and was able to stay longer than my standard 15 minutes.
Tim was ill, so I was a trooper, in the fact that I took Vinny down alone. It took me 3 trips; the first being gifts and food, then Vinny, then walking back for Kaden and Kitana.
Made small talk, chased mostly after Kaden...thank god I had him! After about an hour, Kaden put his head back and bellowed his displeasure....yay...away we left!
I didn't feel up to eating stressed and was mean enough not to bother packing Tim up a care plate....fuck him, if he wants some, he can hobble on down when he feels better. It was enough that I took Vin down.
Informed Tim, I'd be filing for a fucking divorce come end of May and moving my old ass to Nova Scotia.

Yesterdays dinner was probably the worse Christmas dinner I ever made! Believe me, that just didn't do a damn bit of good for already stressed out nerves. Cooking is normally relaxing to me....baking in great quanities isn't. Holy shit, everything I touched yesterday was the touch of shit! The ham was tough and dry, the turkey never browned up til I stuck it under the broiler.
I busted my marble cutting board. Tim was jacked and asked why I did that. I told him it was safer than poking his fucking eyeball out with the butcher knife.
Mopped the entire downstairs, stickys all over the floor, along with mega amounts of crumbs!
Gathered up the dirty laundy and cleaned upstairs.
Searched through great roll of receipts of gifts that weren't liked, took pleasure in giving Matty his. I think he was thinking I was a schmuck and got him a cheap ass gold chain. When he saw the receipt, he didn't like the charm I bought with it, he was a little less pissy with me. He did like all the socks and underwear....I refused to buy the boy any new clothes....not when he still has a crap load upstairs with tags still on the stuff.
He asked me different things about his Palm Pilot, I didn't know what he was talking about....I gave him the receipt to that too, because I had bought extra memory or something....
Fuck electronic shit....I don't know jack about the shit. And if the shit is mine, I'll diddle with it till I figure it out!
Matty came down in the morning and grabbed his stocking -hey mom, its a little light this year.
But again, it really was, I fizzled out towards the end of shopping. Maybe the $100 he borrow from me, I'll just tell him to keep to make up for a light stocking.
Vinny had his stocking emptied by the time we got down. Thats the only thing they can open til we all come down.
Vinny loved all his stuff!
Maelen didn't even know to grab her stocking.
Maelen loved everything she got...but once again, she is shoving electronics in my face, asking the whats and hows...I shrug my shoulders and tell her to read her booklets.
She was very very happy with her stocking when she discovered it.
Vinny was beyond happiness with his are they ever tiny! He's been like a zombie all day with it. I got him several ps2 of which was the Simpson's Hit and Run....that game is going to come up AWOL.....horrible horrible game.

I'm not sure how the Christmas Eve party went. I was to busy to enjoy it. I much prefer going to party's than hosting them.
The food was good and the alcohol flowed. I had enough to relax, then switched to plain ginger ale. Good thing too.
Matty and all his friends gathered here and exchanged gifts. His one friend felt sick after eating so he laid down and slept a few hours. He woke up and I gave him some tylenol and ginger ale. He moved into the kitchen, where I happened to have all the silverware and bowls soaking.
Poor Kiel wasn't feeling much better at all.....he suddenly vomitted over the sink and vomit sprayed every where.
2 hours later we all made it to bed.

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