Can We Say MANIC?
2006-02-19, 3:28 a.m.

I'm so JACKED....They,those nasty ass WhiteShirts, haven't replaced my PepperSpray yet! Now how pray tell is a girl to walk the block without her handy dandy spray?

The Captain loves me and I was able to be a little more relaxed around my Sergeant with the Captain there. The Captain said he loves reading the inmates complaints about me. I snorted and said, "I'm sure there's a whole lot of hating in those requests." He just laughed, the Sergeant seemed to be the up tight one.

I haven't been in the OutMate section since my 2 days off. The Sergeant goes on his 2 when I get back from my 2, so I haven't seen him in 4. HaHa...I counted correctly.
When Serg came over to the block tonight, I asked him if he was deliberately keeping me from there? He laughed and said, "No, but since I'm now harmless, he'd schedule me in." I laughed at him and pointed to my duty belt and showed him I had a back up canister of spray!
I don't like it though, it's fogger and not stream. If I'm ever going to use a fogger, I'll use the industrial can!

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