Biggest Crowd Yet For Bush
2004-10-21, 11:09 p.m.

We saw PresidentBush today! Wow, what excitement. Vinnie told me to shut-up when I was waving my banner and shouting 4 more years!
You couldn't help but get caught up in the collective euphoric of the 31,000 people who showed up.
It was cold and rainy, but it just didn't matter.
Lots of people who know me were shocked that
1. I left the house.
2. I threw myself into a large crowd.
3. Some thought I was a Hippie to the soul and couldn't understand why I was there to support Bush.
I've been a supporter of Republicans since Nixon.
On the way back, I told Vinnie even the Pope loves Bush and can't stand that 'flip flopping' Kerry.
Vinnie came up with his own verse for Kerry.


Poor Matty, missed it because of the flu and I think Maelen was glad she had her last game of Volleyball. I knew how much she loved volleyball and how little interest she has in government, so I didn't insist she come.
I did take pictures, but woe to me, I got to involved and missed every opportuntiy for a good shot. But I do have this:

The thing that really surprised me was that they didn't appear to have all that great of security. We only had general tickets, but was able to gain entry to the VIP area.
Hmmmm, don't know.

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