It's Fun Being Catholic
2004-06-07, 5:17 p.m.

Well, it seems I'm going to have to go gold for this diary also, I don't like having to wait and wait to post an entry.

Sort of takes the rambling out.

Vinny and Tim went to the bike race. No mishaps thank goodness. I was very worried about Vinny taking his new mountain bike because he isn't accustom to hand brakes.

Oy the visions I had. Woke me up and I wrote a note to Tim asking him to not allow Vin to take the bike.

He had Vinny take the bike around the block several times and felt secure with his ability.

When Vinny came home, I noticed he had his scapular laying on the coffee table; it was rather dirty. I asked what it was that he spilt on it, he said he didn't know.

I sniffed it and said it smelled like sin. He said sin didn't have smell. I said his soul must be leaking sin and it got on the scapular.

EEEE, he got jerked with me and said it was impossible! I asked him if the Priest and his teacher taught him about how sin leaves a stain on the soul...he said yes....I asked didn't you believe them? Yes, he believed Them! I was like, then you should realize that it is then possible for that stain to exit and stain your religious items.

Ah.....he looked a bit worried, but I started laughing.

I shouldn't tease him, but I tell you he absolutely obsesses over the sins of everyone else!

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