Babe Magnet
2004-06-01, 12:16 p.m.

Just off the phone with Sharon. She and I are taking the kids to the Philadelphia Zoo next week. She called to tell me that a friend of her's just went last week and the monkeys are rather randy!

Sharon is now having second thoughts on taking me because we are going down with her Girl Scout Troop.


Over the long weekend, I decided to take a look at the PTA checking account. I had been writing checks left and right. I don't strike a balance after each entry. I do it when I'm up to it or feel I may be approaching close to the dollar amount in the account.


I was over drawn! But not actually. Not all the checks were cashed. One of which was written out to the school district for $1700.oo! How embarrassing would that have been, having the Treasurer write a bad check to the District Office.

I did a quick electronic transfer and decided I better get my butt to the bank and deposit all this money I have at the house.

Then I realize....I have no friggin gas in my car! Tim forgot to check to see my gas level.

I asked Matty to switch me cars. He, shockingly, was somewhat excited about taking my Volvo StationWagon to school.

Yeah, the Babe Magnet

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