2004-11-11, 10:25 p.m.

I wasn't going to post anything public about this, but Matty is fine and is with his friends and he's dealing with the shock and embarrassment.
He did tell me thank you for being there for him and offering all the support that I gave.
I got a phone call today from the Principle of the high school.

He told me, please don't get worried, but sit down.

He told me the police were at the school and they brought in drug dogs.

Then inside of the school was free of drugs

But when they went outside, Matty's car had 3 positive hits.

He said he knows Matty and he knows its not him, but what do I want to do?

Huh? I say


No Way.....

Now I'm very confused and I must have started screeching

I told him to keep the police away from the car til i got there

He told me he would....and to drive safely

I get there and my girlfriend who works for jpo Juvenile Probation was there....we looked at each other and she came over and gave me a hug...told me it was going to be fine....I gave her the keys, but I told her to stay away from the car till i got over there

I talked to the principle....asked that Matty be called down before the police went near the car.

he did

while waiting for matty I went over towards the car and talked to kelly and she signaled for the police to come closer...but not to go near the car

we talked and he explained about the dogs.

in the mean time....children were in the weight lifting the windows.....some of the police went down and started shouting at the kids and teachers to get them away from the windows.

Poor Matty came at about this time, he was confused at first when he saw me and all the police and school officials. When Kelly went over to him, the principle and I held Matty. He started crying when Kelly and the police were explaining about the dogs hitting 3 positives.

I pulled Matty aside, I asked him.....-Baby, is there anything you want to tell me before I grant permission for the police to check your car? He said No...I said, now is the time darling, because if there is something I should know, we'll wait for a warrent.....he said no.....Permission was given.

Nothing was found....Matty was worried about people talking about this. The principle said he'd make an announcement stating the police found nothing.

Matty went into the school then and his coaches came down to comfort him while the principle made the announcement.
They also sent out email messages to all the teachers. Matty was very concerned about teachers who didn't know him thinking badly about him.


The Chicken BBQ went well...I'm rather impressed that I was able to hold up during it. Thankfully Tim was there for me and he and the other parents did most of the work

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