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2004-08-23, 1:10 p.m.

My paper journal during the last week:

8/14- Long Toothed

8/16- Mullets

8/17- Buoyant

8/17- Elevator

8/17- Slip Slide Yikes

Perhaps I should go back to paper journaling. I'd probably piss less people off, but yet get lots of shits and giggles from reading just few words.

Long Toothed- For almost a year and a half I don't recall menstruating. Suddenly it decides to re-visit while at the ocean. I can only think the possible reason for that is, God felt I was thinking I was old and missing being attractive to another person, so he had me menstruate so as to be attractive to the sharks.

Mullets & Elevator- We've been going to the same place for over 7 years. Its nice, ocean front, convenient to the boardwalk and other crappy little places. We go the same week every year, so you see just about the same people every year.

There is one family that have been coined, through lack of interest in discovering their true names, as the Mullets. The husband sported such a doo, but I'm guessing they may have divorced, because he hasn't been with them now for 2 years.

The children are that which Satan would denied having come from his loins. For the life of me I can't imagine the mother attempting to fight for custody of those kids. They are horrid little creatures and were the booby prize from having successfully spawned.

I still get sick when I think of the eldest propositioning Matty in the elevator, several years back. She was your typical white trashy strumpet. Thick eye makeup, daisy duke shorts, etc.

Any ways the other 2 constantly reap havoc at the condo and other hotels surrounding us. I can't understand for all the complaints they get about this family why they are still permitted to come every year.

As slight and petty as it was, I feel I had some gratification of immediate punishment towards those horrid creatures. I was in the elevator going up and they came running through the lobby, yelling for me to hold the elevator. I just smiled and continued letting the door close on them. I really debating giving the Whelps of Satan the finger, but feared what the little boogers would do because of that gesture.

Slip Slide Yikes- I sometimes fear Vin is down right crazy. He can never accept and acknowlege his own faults. There's plenty of people like that, but I try real hard for my kids not to be like those kind. I'm at a loss on what to do with Vin.

We went to some Club to listen to music and as we were leaving, Vinny was running without shoes, and hit a slick spot on the walkway. He went down and slid. As horrible as it is to admit this, I didn't feel the urge to run to his aid, I only sighed.

A woman that was sitting at a table close to where Vin went down, turned to comfort him and inquire as if he was fine. But the look on Vin's face when he got up, threw a big YIKES upon the woman's face and she immediately backed off from him.

Vinny was fine and of course he refused to accept the fact that it wouldn't have happened if he weren't running. He blamed the establishment for having the hose set up in his running space.

Buoyant- Fat people, I swear, are more likely to drown than skinny people. In water that fat acts as a floatation device and carries you further out to sea than intended.

As if it needed to be stated, I didn't drown and thank god the life guard didn't have harpoon my ass back to the beach!


While driving down, Maelen practiced her English. She'd read out the signs along the road. When we were in Delaware, she saw a sign for Ocean Pines. She read Ocean Penis....we we're, huh? And she repeated it, I laughed and corrected her pronunciation.

Things are still wonderful with Maelen. I told her she was either an Angel or Retarded. I'm so very happy I didn't become jaded towards the system and the children.

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