A Little Of This And A Little Of That
2006-03-23, 3:38 a.m.

We did make it to Baltimore Saturday, considering how I felt, it was a miracle indeed.
I had gone out with a bunch of people from work...didn't really drink much, but it knocked me on my butt. I couldn't even drive and had a friend nicked named 'Scary Terry' drop me off at home.
I don't find Terry to be scary at all...but I can see how some may call him that, but he has always been very nice and well mannered around me.
I even got sick, and he stood at my side, along the highway, as I puked my insides out.
Just remembering it makes me feel all warm and tingly...kidding, but I am not embarrassed or shamed. I guess after suffering through the pepperspray and buckets of snot coming out your nose, some things lose their importance of what's embarrassing and what's not......
Anyhow, I woke up on the couch with my boots on and my head pounding. Tim and Vinny had been trying to wake me for some time, but I just couldn't bare the thought of getting up...but they were persistent, so up I got.
We had planned earlier to spend the night, but I couldn't bother packing and didn't. I did manage a quick shower.
I slept the hour going down and rolled out of the car. My sister-in-law cracked a beer for me, saying it was the best way to beat the hang-over. After finishing the beer we drove over to Lexington Market, drank tons of beer and ate raw oysters and clams. I actually felt more sober the more I drank and gulped down oysters.
It was funny watching Tim, Vinny and my new girl trying their first raw oysters.
Tim attempted to bite into the oyster, with obvious no success...we then showed him how to do it. He damn near puked when it came time to trying the clam, he spit that out.
Vinny was a better candidate, but preferred them steamed versus raw. But Esconia was the true trooper and ate about half a dozen or so.
I'm so glad that I did go down. It was such a wonderful time. All we did was hang out at the house watching movies, talking, eating and of course my favorite thing of all.....napping! It really does feel good to be around my brother again. I told Joey and Laurie we'd all be back down in 6 weeks.

I have a new girl staying with us for a little while. She is such a sweet thing...a bit on the talkative side. Her name is Esconia, 14 years old and as Vinny constantly reminds me, 'mentally challenged' and not 'mentally retarded'. It truly is refreshing to have such an innocent soul about. I'd probably take a guess of her being the age of an 8 year old.
When we got back from Baltimore I had to pick my car up from the parking area of where I left it Friday night. When we told Vinny we were getting it and he could unpack his stuff, he freaked and said he didn't want to spend the 5 or 7 minutes top by himself. I told him he wasn't going to be by himself that he had Esconia with him. He panicked and yelled, "but she got the mind of a 5 year old!"
Holy crap, I was only going 8 blocks and he's almost 11 years old!!!!

Things are still going good at work and I'm still loving it. You'd think I wouldn't want to work at such a place that I have damn near panic attacks as I'm getting ready to go in and the knots in my stomach don't leave till after briefing...just prior to us going to our assigned areas.
I'm wondering if it is a healthy sign and if that is what keeps me vigil? That keeping vigil constantly wears me down by the end of my 6 days on and I end up sleeping the sleep of the dead on my first day off.
Tonight at the end of our shift and the next shift came to relieve us, the one girl was telling me that I better watch myself with some of the inmates because some of them are waiting for the perfect opportunity to catch me out of camera range and beat the crap out of me.
She said it as a smart ass and I told her to fuck herself, because she was also making derogatory comments about my partners. Had I not been so angry, I'd of reminded her, that it was one of her partner's working my shift, that left me exposed to a potentially dangerous situation.
When I got back to the briefing room I told my partners about it and questioned them if they had heard anything about me being at risk for an assault? The one guy said not to worry that she was just running her mouth just to piss me off.
Personally, I won't let it affect me any differently in how I go about my duties......I'm very paranoid and high strung anyhow, I always expect the worse to happen and try to avoid blind spots.

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