A Letter To My Daughter
2004-11-21, 3:25 p.m.

Dawn likes reading my diary, so I guess then it's safe to assume she likes what I write.
Great sarcasm being expressed.
Any ways, I wrote her a letter. I feel better and perhaps she'll read all of it. It wasn't till I was mid way through with writing it that I realized all the things she wants me to give to her and Robert, they fail at giving to me. Namely ...... Respect!
Sunday, November 21, 2004

Dear Dawn Marie,

I'm begging that you and your entire Family join your Family for Thanksgiving Dinner.

All your life and the life of your brothers, I've worked hard and to the best of my abilities, to establish a family of love and honor.

It is breaking my heart that you can shuck your responsibilities of helping to continue the sense of honor and love for your Family.

Its true, Robert drives me crazy......when we spend a lot of time together. Its as if he deliberates in ways to provoke me!

You seem to be under the impression that I should love him as I would my own child. I won't lie, I don't, but I do have respect towards him as your choice in a husband and he provides well for you and his children.....my grandchildren.

Perhaps in time I will learn to disregard the behaviors that irritates me and see only the good.
But......It's also a 2 way street! He needs to have respect towards me, as being your Mother and the Grandmother of his children.

Robert and I obviously share different opinions as to what is funny and what isn't. It is you, Dawn Marie, that must be the bridge. I love you and Robert loves you. You are the common denominator.

It is time we all grow and mesh as a family.

Love Always

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